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"Women in Sports Reporting" was first aired on Sunday November 4th 2012. Our Guest was Jenni Carlson, Sports Writer, The Oklahoman.

Our topics included:
  1. Jenni talks about her new baby, and how the family is getting along with the new addition.
  2. Her journey in becoming a sports writer.
  3. When she knew that's what she wanted to do.
  4. What she had to do to let folks know she was capable of carrying out these types of journalistic assignments.
  5. How she got to Oklahoma.
  6. Her receiption in Oklahoma.
  7. How the lifestyle of a sports reporter meshes with the lifestyle of a new mother.
  8. Her favorite sports.
  9. Five years from now, what she hopes she is doing.
  10. How thick-skinned one needs to have to carry out her tasks both within the news organization and in the sports world.
  11. Her most fun assignment so far.
  12. Her most difficult assignment so far.