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"What's Going on in the World of Children" was first aired on Sunday September 30th 2012. Our Guest was Linda A. Terrell, MHR, Executive Director, Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy.

Our topics included:
  1. The mission of OICA.
  2. Update on Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy.
  3. OICA's involvement in the recent reorganization of the Child Welfare Division of the Department of Human Services.
  4. Her thoughts on whether the Pinnacle Plan is a positive step forward for Oklahoma's children.
  5. How she measures the significance of the Executive and Legislative involvement in services being provided to children now.
  6. Has this increased considerably over past years.
  7. Staffing at OICA and its location.
  8. In this upcoming session of the Legislature, children's initiatives OICA is particularly interested in seeing enacted.
  9. Brief outline of initiatives.
  10. Normal work hours during a Legislative session and how she keeps up with all that is going on.
  11. Fundraising activities envisioned by OICA and how the public can help carry out its mission.