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"Meet the President of UCO" was first aired on Sunday September 23rd 2012. Our Guest was Don Betz, Ph.D., President, University of Central Oklahoma.

Our topics included:
  1. His first 18 months as President of UCO.
  2. How his prior 6 years of service to UCO before becoming President have equipped him for the challenges he now faces.
  3. He came to the position with significant international experience in diplomacy and negotiation, his anticipation of trying to expand UCO's international presence.
  4. What is going on at UCO.
  5. New programs or areas of study being initiated or developed.
  6. Enrollment seems to continues to increase every year, how he manages handling that in times of tight budgets.
  7. As a state school, what percentage of its funding is state money and what percentage comes from tuition or other sources.
  8. Is this an increasing or decreasing percentage of state money.
  9. From an athletic standpoint, UCO continues to excel in its athletic programs, why that is important for a university atmosphere.
  10. The biggest challenge he faces at UCO and how he envisions tackling it.
  11. New facilities under construction or on the drawing board.
  12. 10 years from now, what we should expect to see at UCO that is different than what we can observe now.