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"A Milestone in Oklahoma History? Capitol Hill vs. Douglass 1955`" was first aired on Sunday August 19th 2012. Our Guest was Dick Soergel, Retired Banker; and Russell Perry, Entertainment Entrepreneur.

Our topics included:
  1. As you look back over the years, was this game a milestone in Oklahoma City history and did it aide in bringing about desegregation.
  2. Russell's thoughts on how he felt as a sophomore starting quarterback going to Capitol Hill and playing this game.
  3. Dick's thoughts on how he felt as a senior quarterback having the opportunity to play in this game.
  4. If either realized at the time this game's significance.
  5. What Russell remembers most about this experience.
  6. Number of parents/supporters that traveled with the team to Capitol Hill to watch the game.
  7. Dick's most vivid memory of this event.
  8. Russell's report card on the State of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma City school system for its desegregation efforts.
  9. Problems with desegregation that are still with us.
  10. Dick continued to compete at the highest level for a number of years after and including a stint in pro-football and how what he experienced in this game helped him/hurt him in his subsequent life experiences.
  11. Final thoughts about this event in 1955.