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"A Thunder Update" was first aired on Sunday August 5th 2012. Our Guest was Christine Berney, Director, Community Relations, Oklahoma City Thunder.

Our topics included:
  1. Attitude around Thunder headquarters. On the one hand, they lost out in a 5-1 series to the League champions, on the other hand, they had an extremely successful run getting to the finals.
  2. General spirit of the Thunder folks
  3. New players we might expect to see this next year
  4. As Director of Community Relations, what she does throughout the year
  5. Difficulty of scheduling the players for public appearances and best time of the year to use for that purpose (Off season, or during the season)
  6. How she assesses Oklahoma City's acceptance of the Thunder
  7. Their outreach to the Native American community here in the Oklahoma City area
  8. How her work with the Oklahoma City Chamber was beneficial to her in taking over her current duties
  9. Major projects the team did in relation to Community Relations this last year
  10. New/different projects on the drawing board?

Christine Berney, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers