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"The BCS, The Thunder, et al." was first aired on Sunday July 22nd 2012. Our Guest was Berry Tramel, Sports Writer, The Oklahoman.

Our topics included:
  1. Where we are on a road toward a championship playoff and changes in the BCS
  2. How the change will our state teams
  3. How this will work within the existing Bowl structure
  4. Possibility of teams complaining they should be included since we are on a grading system created by a committee of humans
  5. How he thinks the Thunder's immediately completed season progressed
  6. Holes the Thunder needs to fill in its 15-player lineup that will be reasonably doable under the current salary cap situation
  7. Will Ibaka and/or Harden be back with the Thunder year after next
  8. Importance of signing Harden and Ibaka now if we have them for all next year anyway and can negotiate with them after next season
  9. His view of the impact of the Thunder on Oklahoma City both regionally and nationally

Berry Tramel, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers