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"How a Case is Settled" was first aired on Sunday April 29th 2012. Our Guests were T. Lane Wilson, Magistrate Judge, U.S.D.C. Northern District of OK and Steven L. Barghols, Attorney, GableGotwals.

Our topics included:
  1. Judge Wilson tells how he got involved in settling cases on a day-to-day basis in Federal Court.
  2. How he ensures persons with authority to settle a case are present at settlement conferences.
  3. Steve, as a private mediator/arbitrator, his major strategies for getting parties to come together to resolve a matter.
  4. Approximate number and types of cases he has dealt with as a mediator.
  5. Cases that simply can't be settled.
  6. Why sometimes we hear a case cannot be settled at a settlement conference is a waste of time and yet it ends up settling.
  7. How often this happens.
  8. What they each do if the parties seem to be at an impasse.
  9. How to get parties to be flexible enough to work around the impasse and keep going toward a settlement.
  10. Important skills for a mediator/settlement judge.
  11. Frequency of Judge Wilson having to use his Federal Court powers to "assist" in the parties reaching an agreement.
  12. Longest settlement conference/mediation each has ever had.
  13. Why most cases settle.
  14. Are more cases settling now than use to be the case two decades ago.