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"The Trial Lawyers Are Coming! - Show 2" was first aired on Sunday April 14th 2002. Our Guests were James M Sturdivant, Attorney at Law and Patrick E Carr, Attorney at Law.

Our topics included:
  1. Do you see errors though litigation?
  2. Is it appropriate that the Federal/State government start going to court to regulate?
  3. Big attorneys fees have been awarded in Tobacco cases: in Texas $3.5 billion, in Oklahoma $250 million. Are these awards appropriate?
  4. Is an Oklahoma jury more likely to give a large reward as compared to other states?
  5. How important is jury selection to a Trial Lawyer?
  6. Class Action - What is it and why do we have it?
  7. Lawyers solicitation; is it appropriate? Is it regulated?

Sturdivant, Meyers, Blankenship, Cornett, Carr