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"Meet the New President of Oklahoma Christian University" was first aired on Sunday March 18th 2012. Our Guest was Dr. John deSteiguer, President, Oklahoma Christian University.

Our topics included:
  1. The process for his selection as President of the University
  2. Oklahoma Christian's strong connection to educators previously affiliated with Pepperdine
  3. How his being selected from within the University itself is an advantage for him in assuming his duties quickly
  4. His family and their connections in Oklahoma
  5. His 10 year tenure at Oklahoma Christian - major changes he has seen in: a) academic curriculum; b) facilities; and c) student body makeup
  6. Major challenges facing Oklahoma Christian University in the next 3-5 years
  7. Immediate plans for significant changes at the University
  8. The most pressing need at Oklahoma Christian
  9. His thoughs on how Oklahoma Christian University will look in 10 years compared to what it looks like today

Dr. deSteiguer, Kent Meyers