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"The Law at the Governor's Office" was first aired on Sunday March 4th 2012. Our Guest was Rebecca R. Frazier, Deputy General Counsel, Governor Mary Fallin.

Our topics included:
  1. How she began working in the General Counsel's office of the Governor
  2. Working with Steve Mullens since beginning his duties as General Counsel
  3. Major areas the General Counsel's office addresses in its day to day work.
  4. Problems they face.
  5. Interaction with members of the Legislature when they are in session
  6. Typical work day for you.
  7. Biggest surprise she has had since being in the General Counsel's office
  8. Where she sees herself in 5-10 years from
  9. Her future aspiration in the direction of the Bench or political office

Rebecca Frazier, Kent Meyers