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"An Update from 50 Stories" was first aired on Sunday February 12th 2012. Our Guest was Larry Nichols, Executive Chairman, Devon Energy Corporation.

Our topics included:
  1. Update on the progress of Devon's building.
  2. Unusual features that will be present that one doesn't ordinarily see in an office building.
  3. Timing and occupancy of the building.
  4. As a leader in the oil and gas industry, discuss the general health of the oil and gas industry nationwide and in Oklahoma.
  5. Governmental climate today in relation to promotion of oil and gas drilling and investment.
  6. What he sees in the near term future for the oil and gas industry in relation to oil/gas.
  7. Downtown Oklahoma City and Devon's support.
  8. Relationship with Devon's new building and the park facilities immediately to the south.
  9. His thoughts on the aggregation of very successful independent oil and gas firms such as Devon, Chesapeake, Sandridge and Continental Resources all here in Oklahoma City as opposed to some bigger venue.
  10. His thoughts on the long-term future for Devon.

Larry Nichols, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers