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"Where is Oklahoma Now?" was first aired on Sunday December 11th 2011. Our Guest was Ken Miller, Treasurer, State of Oklahoma.

Our topics included:
  1. Update on his tenure as State Treasurer.
  2. New major changes.
  3. Summary of major elements of activities in the financial world that affect what Oklahoma does or can do.
  4. How revenue is holding up - increasing/decreasing - and what the Legislature will have to deal with this next session.
  5. What segments of the economy in Oklahoma are performing well/under performing from a revenue standpoint that affects what state government can do.
  6. How the European debt crisis affects state government in Oklahoma.
  7. Prediction – contribution to or withdrawal from the Rainy Day Fund this next year.
  8. Changes in state fiscal policy he would like to see (constitutional or statutory) that would be beneficial to the state's operations.
  9. Long term prediction – in 5 years where we will be fiscally.

Ken Miller, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers