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"The Heart of the Matter" was first aired on Sunday December 25th 2011. Our Guests were John Chaffin, M.D., Cardiovascular Surgeon, Integris Heart Hospital and Alan Puls, M.D., Cardiologist, Integris Heart Hospital.

Our topics included:
  1. Dr. Chaffin discusses what is involved in his practice.
  2. Approximate number of open heart surgeries performed during his career.
  3. Biggest challenges he faces in performing one of these operations.
  4. How he and Dr. Puls work together to treat a patient.
  5. Dr. Puls discusses the training involved to become a Cardiologist.
  6. What he finds most challenging and rewarding about his career.
  7. Review a heart attack from inception through recovery.
  8. First thing the Cardiologist or the emergency room folks do when a patient wanders in and says they think they are having a heart attack – major concerns at that point.
  9. How he and Dr. Chaffin (or another Surgeon) coordinate their activities.
  10. Who does what.
  11. Dr. Chaffin tells how he evaluates what is going to be required to help the patient through the current situation.
  12. Various procedures he uses.
  13. Open heart surgery/bypass procedure that he uses.
  14. What the family can do to assist their loved one in recovering and to interact with each of of the Drs. in a way that promotes recovery.
  15. Changes each Dr. has seen in the last 20-25 years.
  16. What they each predict will be the changes in their practice 10 years from now.
  17. Dr. Puls and Dr. Chaffin advise things to do/not to do in order to avoid meeting them under emergency circumstances.