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"There Are Angels Among Us" was first aired on Sunday November 13th 2011. Our Guests were Jennifer Abney, Executive Director/Founder, Angels Foster Family Network, OKC and John Meyers, Chief Executive Officer, Angels Foster Family Network, OKC.

Our topics included:
  1. How the concept of The Angels got started and who was involved
  2. How it worked in San Diego and the success there
  3. Primary goal of the organization
  4. How John became involved with the organization locally
  5. How the organization is governed, board, advisory board or other forum
  6. Reactive Attachment Disorder and how the organization helps in that regard
  7. Training they offer for families
  8. How help is provided on an emergency basis
  9. Response they have had from DHS to their recruits and training of the foster families
  10. How Kirkpatrick Bank assists the organization
  11. Progress this last year
  12. How one can help in this effort - who to contact and type of work to be expected