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"Let's Find Out What Tom Price Has Been Up To" was first aired on Sunday October 30th 2011. Our Guest was Tom Price, Sr. Vice President, Corporate Development, Chesapeake Energy Corporation.

Our topics included:
  1. What is going on locally in Oklahoma in so far as Chesapeake business is concerned
  2. Chesapeake's Oklahoma City campus - What the company has planned for the Nichols Hills shopping center property
  3. Type of grocery store in the shopping center area after Crescent Market closes
  4. Chesapeake's business operation nationally/internationally
  5. How the strident partisanship in Washington is affecting their operations
  6. Would President Obama's "Jobs Bill" help or hurt Chesapeake/Oklahoma
  7. How Tom Price spends the majority of a day, month, year
  8. New philanthropic Chesapeake programs
  9. Why Chesapeake deems it so important to be a good corporate citizen of the City of Oklahoma City

Tom Price, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers