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"Being a Mayor in 2011" was first aired on Sunday October 23rd 2011. Our Guest was Mike Lester, Mayor, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Our topics included:
  1. A Broken Arrow native and now the Mayor, the most important things in his mind about Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
  2. Form of government Broken Arrow has – strong Mayor – weak Mayor and Council
  3. Major problems a Mayor of a medium-sized City in Oklahoma finds it is facing today
  4. Services Broken Arrow has had to curtail as a result of revenue declines. (How it was done – if none, how it would be done if necessary)
  5. What the citizens of Broken Arrow are most concerned about in the operation of their City and how he addresses those concerns
  6. Importance of interaction with adjacent cities such as Tulsa, Jenks, etc.
  7. Services being offered by Broken Arrow itself that could be combined with other similar cities for some kind of economy of scale
  8. What he would like to tell our viewers about Broken Arrow as a last word

Mayor Lester, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers