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"Meet the Griffins" was first aired on Sunday June 26th 2011. Our Guest was Gail and Tommy Griffin.

Our topics included:
  1. Tommy - many coaches go through their entire career without ever making a state tournament, much less winning a state championship, he has done it nine times with three different schools
  2. Difficulty in putting together a string of titles like that
  3. Gail - her involvement in the basketball "scene" with Tommy for many years – Does she ever get tired of the sound of the bouncing ball
  4. Tommy and Gail have worked together in the trophy and award business for many years (since 1978), is that continuing today and does that take a lot of their time
  5. Gail - public schools she was involved with for her 19 years of teaching
  6. How the teaching of business education classes helped her in her family business
  7. Their two boys, Taylor and Blake
  8. Growing up, their similarities and differences
  9. The experience of being the parents with two sons playing Division 1 College basketball at a very high level
  10. Is it difficult when one of the sons has a bad game and the other has a particularly good game
  11. Their travels to many of the games that were not played in Norman or in the surrounding area
  12. Being able to play Division 1 basketball at a lot of other schools, what it was about the University of Oklahoma that got both of their boys to attend
  13. How their boys enjoyed their stay at the University of Oklahoma
  14. Difficulty for them to maintain a "normal life" when their sons are both famous professional athletes and how it has changed their lives
  15. Even though they are both adults and out on their own, do they still seek advice from their parents from time to time
  16. How often the family communicates with each other
  17. Tommy's thoughts on continuing to coach and his interest in a head coaching position again
  18. What's in store for the Griffin family in the next 5 years

Gail Griffin, Mick Corrnet, Kent Meyers, Tommy Griffin