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"Enron - Show 2 - Will Heads Roll?" was first aired on Sunday March 10th 2002. Our Guests were Jim Holloman, Crowe & Dunlevy and Michael Chris Knapp, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma.

Our topics included:
  1. What is an Accounting Firm's responsibility during an audit?
  2. What is the "Power Report?"
  3. A lot of scrutiny has been aimed at Arthur Andersen's Accounting Firm. Who regulates the power of Accountants?
  4. Are Accountants involved in self regulation?
  5. What kind of pressure can a large Firm put on an Accountant in order to receive a favorable report?
  6. What does "Independent Auditor" mean?
  7. While auditing Enron, the Andersen Accountant not only conducted an independent audit, but also advised Enron on how to structure the Company. Is this a common practice for an Accounting Firm?
  8. What is going to happen to Mr. Andersen?
  9. Will the Enron problems force the Andersen Accouting Firm to merge with another Firm to stay in business?
  10. Will the Enron scandal lead to stricter Accounting regulations?

Holloman, Blankenship, Knapp