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"Continental Resources Update from Harold Hamm" was first aired on Sunday May 22nd 2011. Our Guest was Harold G. Hamm, CEO, Continental Resources, Inc..

Our topics included:
  1. Acquisition of the Devon Tower in downtown Oklahoma City and moving Continental Resources to Oklahoma City
  2. Process of coming to these decisions
  3. Approximate number of employees affected by the move and how it will be handled
  4. Steps to integrate folks into the Oklahoma City lifestyle
  5. Amount of space Continental will occupy in the Devon Tower once Devon moves to the new building
  6. How move will affect recruiting for Continental Resources positions
  7. New business activities of Continental Resources and how they are progressing (Bakken Shale)
  8. Reason for high gasoline prices – potential shortage of supply
  9. Future for Continental Resources in Oklahoma City
  10. His work with the Diabetes Foundation and what is going on there
  11. How the actions of the current State Legislature or U.S. Congress will affect Continental Resources in the near term

Harold Hamm, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers