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"Let's Hear About the Africa Trip" was first aired on Sunday June 5th 2011. Our Guests were Reggie Whitten, Attorney & Co-Founder of Pros for Africa and Cheryl Wattley, Associate Professor, Director, Clinical Education, OU College of Law.

Our topics included:
  1. Cheryl explains how she and the University of Oklahoma College of Law have become associated with Pros for Africa and why she did it.
  2. Reggie, discusses who went with him on his most recent trip to Africa.
  3. Where they went and how long they stayed and what they did.
  4. What he learned after this trip that he hadn't learned on his previous trips.
  5. Cheryl, discusses how she and the students profited from the experience.
  6. What's on the short-term and long-term horizon for Pros for Africa.
  7. Will OU continue its involvement and, if so, at what level.
  8. How viewers help their efforts.