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"Meet Lon Kruger" was first aired on Sunday May 29th 2011. Our Guest was Lon Kruger, Head Coach, Men's Basketball, University of Oklahoma.

Our topics included:
  1. His acclimation to his new position.
  2. Of the places he has been in both the collegiate and pro ranks, most difficult challenge he has faced during his 7th head coaching position starting at Pan-American, up to his current position.
  3. Working relationship with President Boren and Athletic Director Castiglione.
  4. His satisfaction with the support that the University and the Athletic Department gives to the basketball program.
  5. Preview of what his personnel will likely look like in the fall.
  6. After his highly successful tenure at Las Vegas, what caused him to decide to come to Oklahoma.
  7. He has been head coach for almost 29 years, discernible changes he has seen in the student athletes that he has coached that have required an alteration of his teaching or coaching methods.
  8. He is known around the country as a coach that always runs a clean program. Part of being able to do that is vigilance and part is luck. Which is more important to him.
  9. How he is getting out in the community in Oklahoma since his arrival.
  10. His family's adjustment.
  11. Basketball "style" the fans should expect to see next season.
  12. What the old or new Oklahoma basketball fans can do to help his program and to be supportive.