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"Enron - Show 1 - The Fallout" was first aired on Sunday March 3rd 2002. Our Guests were Don Murry, C.H. Guernsey and Company and Jim Holloman, Crowe & Dunlevy.

Our topics included:
  1. What is Enron's main business?
  2. What percent of the market did Enron hold?
  3. Why did Enron fail?
  4. Why did Enron stock go to $.00?
  5. When the word got out Enron was reporting false profits, was this when the stock dropped?
  6. Did the Enron employees makeup the majority of the monies lost?
  7. Who will step-up and take over Enron's market spot?
  8. What is the effect of Enron's failure on the customer?
  9. How has Enron's failure affected the market and the investors?
  10. The "lock out" period at Enron, is that a common practice?

Holloman, Blankenship, Murry