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"Pros for Africa" was first aired on Sunday March 20th 2011. Our Guests were Reggie Whitten, Attorney & Co-Founder of Pros for Africa and Roy Williams, Athlete & Co-Founder of Pros for Africa.

Our topics included:
  1. Reggie discusses the organizations Pros for Africa and Pros for Vets.
  2. Why he organized them and when they were organized.
  3. Roy discusses his involvement in these two organizations.
  4. How he and Reggie work together to line up the pros and to line up the projects.
  5. Discuss their first trip to Africa.
  6. Their upcoming trip and what is different with it from their prior trip.
  7. What they hope to accomplish on this trip.
  8. Who will be going.
  9. Discuss Pros for Vets.
  10. Athletes involved in this project.
  11. Five years from now, where they see these two organizations and what they think they will be doing.

Roy Williams, Kent Meyers, Reggie Whitten