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"An Update on Oklahoma State Athletics" was first aired on Sunday March 6th 2011. Our Guest was Mike Holder, Athletic Director & VP of Athletic Programs, Oklahoma State University.

Our topics included:
  1. His duties as Athletic Director.
  2. His thoughts regarding his service to Oklahoma State University as the Head Golf Coach for many years and many NCAA titles.
  3. Difficulty of making decision to give up the very successful golf program and take on present duties and why he did it.
  4. Facilities in the athletic area.
  5. Review of upgrades that have been made in the last several years to facilities at the Oklahoma State University not only in the football program but otherwise.
  6. Biggest challenges facing intercollegiate athletics not only at Oklahoma State but generally.
  7. How he sees the change in makeup of the Big 12 Conference having any pluses or minuses for Oklahoma State and its affect on the way he does his job.
  8. Karsten Creek Golf Course and some of its unique features.
  9. Potential changes in the athletic teams being fielded now.
  10. What he would like viewers to know about Oklahoma State University and its athletic programs and how they can help what he's trying to do.

Mike Holder, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers