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"Meet Dean Harroz" was first aired on Sunday December 19th 2010. Our Guest was Joe Harroz, Dean, OU College of Law.

Our topics included:
  1. His feelings on following a series of legends at the University of Oklahoma College of Law.
  2. Difficulty of decision to leave private business and return to the University setting.
  3. Factors that counted for his decision to make this move.
  4. Principal responsibilities of the Dean of the University of Oklahoma College of Law.
  5. Legacy he inherited from retiring Dean Andy Coats and progress that was made under his administration.
  6. His reception by the faculty, staff and others to his arrival.
  7. Major needs of the College of Law he has identified and how he intends to satisfy them.
  8. His plans to get back in the classroom and teach class.
  9. Changes in the admission policy from the standpoint of either requirements of individual student for entry or number of students to be admitted that he envisions.
  10. Faculty/staff ratio today and any need to address is.
  11. Biggest challenges to the OU College of Law in the next five years.

Joe Harroz, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers