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"Legislative Redistricting" was first aired on Sunday November 21st 2010. Our Guest was Ronald K. Gaddie, Professor of Political Science, University of Oklahoma.

Our topics included:
  1. With the completion of the Census, gerrymandering begins.
  2. Gerrymandering – its origin and its meaning
  3. Both federal and state governments are involved in legislative redistricting - explaination of the involvement of each
  4. It doesn't stop with federal and state does but goes down to municipalities as well
  5. Any checks and balances on how districts can be redrawn
  6. It is obvious that partisan politics are involved, in the state totally controlled by one political party, can the districts be dranw any way the party wants without fear of their work being overturned by a court
  7. Is Oklahoma in danger of losing a Congressional seat or being rewarded with another
  8. Does he envision any significant changes in any of the districts after the Legislature gets through with its work
  9. What he would expect to see change in the new redistricting plan
  10. Anything about redistricting every 10 years that he would suggest ought to be changed – is there a better way to do this insofar as representation in the House of Representatives is concerned
  11. Final predictions on what the public is likely to see out of this legislative session on redistricting

Keith Gaddie, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers