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"What's New With Kids" was first aired on Sunday November 28th 2010. Our Guest was Linda Terrell, Executive Director, Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy.

Our topics included:
  1. What the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy is and its mission
  2. Past major accomplishments which OICA was involved in
  3. OICA's plans for the upcoming session – issues that are likely to be near the top of its agenda
  4. Kids Count – what this publication tells us about how things are going in Oklahoma with children
  5. Is the progress positive in all areas of the state or are some areas doing better than others
  6. Any major revisions to the Children's Code (Title 10) enacted this last session that make significant improvements in how the Juvenile Justice system is administered
  7. Further changes OICA would like to see occur
  8. Her prognosis for the fate of abused and deprived children in Oklahoma
  9. Is Oklahoma doing enough
  10. Is there enough money
  11. Should we be doing more and, if so, how

Linda Terrell, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers