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"Republican & Democratic Candidates for 5th District" was first aired on Sunday September 26th 2010. Our Guests were Billy Coyle, Democratic Candidate for 5th District of Congress and James Lankford, Republican Candidate for 5th District of Congress.

Our topics included:
  1. Each candidate discusses the principal reasons he is running for Congress
  2. Each candidate discusses his background and experience as it qualifies him for the job
  3. Each candidate discusses what the Fifth District voters are most interested in and where he stands on that
  4. Each candidate discusses creating jobs and stimulating the economy – and what he would you do about this
  5. Each candidate lists energy as being an important issue and discusses why it is important and what he would do about it
  6. Where each candidate stands on the healthcare insurance issues
  7. Where each candidate stands on veteran's issues
  8. Each candidate discusses why the people of the Fifth District should elect him to Congress