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"Tax Smoking to Death? - Show 2" was first aired on Sunday February 3rd 2002. Our Guests were Dr. Leslie M. Beitsch, Commissioner, State Department of Health and Michael Thornbrugh, Public and Government Relations Manager of Quik Trip Stores.

Our topics included:
  1. Since the announcement of the proposed addition of $1.00 per pack user fee, what feedback have you received?
  2. If this proposal takes shape and does make it to the State Legislature for a vote, what will be the result?
  3. This proposal is multifaceted; what does the issue of "Clean Air Indoors" mean?
  4. Would restaurants no longer have smoking sections?
  5. Another facet would be the States pre-empting cites and municipalities - due to pre-emption what can they do in regards to smoking?
  6. What would happen if pre-emption is relaxed and the cities and municipalities are allowed to do what they want to do?
  7. Dr. Beitsch, if the "Clean Air" portion of the proposal passes, do you still need the pre-emption portion?
  8. Mr. Thornbrugh - will this cause problems to the Quik Trip chain?

Thornbrugh, Blankenship, Beitsch