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"Hail to the Chief!" was first aired on Sunday July 18th 2010. Our Guest was James E. Edmondson, Chief Justice, Oklahoma Supreme Court.

Our topics included:
  1. Update on Supreme Court
  2. How the Chief Justice is selected and what kind of term he/she serves
  3. How Supreme Court Justices are selected by the people. Any particular qualifications to be on the Supreme Court that are different from other judicial positions
  4. Discuss the Court’s current workload. The Constitution provides for 9 Justices, is that enough to handle the work that comes to the Court
  5. As Chief Justice, additional duties he has that he didn’t have when he was merely a Justice
  6. How do he interacts with the Court of Criminal Appeals which is the highest appellate court dealing with matters that involve criminal law
  7. How cases areassigned to Justices for handling
  8. Number of times a year the Court hears oral argument and on what kinds of cases
  9. How the recession has affected the work of the Court
  10. Any structural changes he would like to see take place at the Supreme Court level
  11. Status of their new building
  12. Biggest challenge facing the Court in the next decade

Chief Justice Edmondson, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers