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"Show 1 of 2: Law Practice in a Large Firm" was first aired on Sunday July 4th 2010. Our Guests were Roger Stong, Attorney, Crowe & Dunlevy and Thomas G. Wolfe, Attorney, Phillips Murrah.

Our topics included:
  1. Tom discusses his managerial position at Phillips Murrah.
  2. Roger discusses his managerial position and Crowe & Dunlevy.
  3. Hardest thing to accomplish in managing a law firm.
  4. Roger discusses complications of a firm with offices in several cities and how one establishes a "firm culture" with people you don't see very often.
  5. How one handles possible conflicts of interest between clients in larger firms.
  6. Effect the recession had on the legal business.
  7. Many firms around the country have had layoffs at worst and delayed hiring as well, how this is in the larger firms in Oklahoma.
  8. Discuss the quality of a job applicant for an associate position in each firm today as compared to 20 years ago.
  9. How they juggle maintaining an active law practice and running a law firm.
  10. Can both be done at the same time and do justice to both.
  11. Biggest single challenge in the next decade for larger law firms in Oklahoma

Roger Stong, Kent Meyers, Tom Wolfe