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"Do We Have a Constitutional Crisis" was first aired on Sunday May 30th 2010. Our Guest was Bill Graves, Oklahoma County District Court Judge.

Our topics included:
  1. His experience on the District Court bench.
  2. His experience in the Legislative Branch of government and how it helped him with his duties as a judicial officer.
  3. His judicial district, what voters can vote for him in the upcoming election.
  4. Do we have a constitutional crisis – discuss the article he has written on the judicial system.
  5. Why he devoted a good deal of the article to the framing of the Constitution, what he did you found.
  6. What the framers of the Constitution means by federalism.
  7. The healthcare law recently passed by Congress and its consistency with the framers' concept of federalism.
  8. Powers the Courts have to carry out judicial review under the Constitution.
  9. What the framers saw as a proper function of the Court.
  10. What can be done to restore the balance between state and federal courts as the framers intended.
  11. Did the framers support an independent judiciary.
  12. Why the Doctrine of "Original Intent" in constitutional interpretation is important.

Judge Graves, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers