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"A New Lawyers' Association" was first aired on Sunday May 2nd 2010. Our Guest was Thad Balkman, Executive Director, Oklahoma Lawyers' Association.

Our topics included:
  1. The Oklahoma Lawyers' Association and how it differs from the Oklahoma Bar Association.
  2. Why he felt this organization was necessary.
  3. The primary purposes of the organization – and why it exists.
  4. Activities the Oklahoma Lawyers' Association is engaged in at the current time – how it interacts with members of the Legislature.
  5. Why a lawyer that is a member of the Oklahoma Bar Association (as all must be) as well as a County Bar member should become a member of the Oklahoma Lawyers Association.
  6. Any legal or tax impediment to the Oklahoma Bar Association taking legislative positions.
  7. Efforts to remove a Judge who makes a very unpopular decision.
  8. Most important things about the Oklahoma Lawyers' Association that he would like for them to know.

Thad Balkman, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers