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"Initiative Petition Law Update" was first aired on Sunday April 18th 2010. Our Guests were Susan Savage, Secretary of State and Amanda Maxfield-Green, Attorney.

Our topics included:
  1. Susan discusses the Office of Secretary of State in regard to her duties – what functions her office performs generally
  2. What her office does in relation to initiative petitions generally
  3. Amanda is in private practice and handling initiative petitions, how she has found that practice so far
  4. What stands out about it that is of interest to her
  5. Discuss why we have initiative petitions and what is the authority for it – what is the rationale behind it
  6. What is a referendum and how it differs from an initiative petition
  7. How the Secretary of State's Office handles an initiative petition once it is drafted and ready for circulation
  8. How it gets to a vote of the people – what hoops must be jumped through to make it to the ballot
  9. Oklahoma's use of the initiative process - Is it overused or underused
  10. are Oklahoma's provisions carrying out the Constitutional/Legislative intent to bring direct democracy to the people in an effective way
  11. What changes to the initiative process are going to be on the November ballot and how will they affect the use of the initiative
  12. What is going on in other states about loosening or tightening access to the initiative process
  13. What changes they would like to see made, if any, to Oklahoma's initiative process to make it better