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"Tax Smoking to Death? - Show 1" was first aired on Sunday January 13th 2002. Our Guests were Dr. Leslie M. Beitsch, Commissioner, State Department of Health and Michael Thornbrugh, Public and Government Relations Manager of Quik Trip Stores.

Our topics included:
  1. Please tell us what is the tobacco initiative and what are you proposing?
  2. What is the likelihood the tobacco proposal will bring down the smoking rate?
  3. Smoking is an addiction. Is raising the price of cigarettes going to be enough to lower the number of people smoking?
  4. Michael, do you agree with Leslie's numbers of those who smoke vs cancer, etc?
  5. How much of an impact have the tobacco Lobbyist made on the State/Senate level?
  6. What do you foresee for the end run of the tobacco initiative?
  7. California raised cigarette cost .50 cents a pack a few years ago. What was the outcome of this decision?
  8. By raising the cost of cigarettes, will this result in less people smoking, thus lowering the cancer rate?
  9. Will raising the cost of cigarettes hurt the Indian revenue?
  10. Will raising the cost of cigarettes have an impact on State revenue?

Beitsch, Meyers, Blankenship, Cornett, Thornbrugh