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"Meet the Oklahoman of the Year" was first aired on Sunday February 21st 2010. Our Guest was Ramona Paul, Ph.D., Asst. State Superintendent, Oklahoma Dept. of Education.

Our topics included:
  1. Congratulations on being named 2009 Oklahoman of the Year by Oklahoma Today Magazine.
  2. How she was notified.
  3. She is first educator and the first Oklahoma State employee to be named Oklahoman of the Year.
  4. When early childhood education become a priority for her and how it occurred.
  5. Why and how it came about that she was responsible for creating the No. 1 early childhood education program in the United States.
  6. Importance of early childhood education in the life or career of an individual.
  7. Studies studies that measure the rewards to be gained from early childhood education.
  8. How her position at the Oklahoma State Department of Education impacts what she is able to do in this area.
  9. Length of time Oklahoma's plan has been in effect and reaping benefits.
  10. Rutgers University National Institute for Early Education Research.
  11. Specifically, how early childhood education works in Oklahoma.
  12. What Oklahoma should expect to see in the way of benefits in the next twenty years.

Ramona Paul, Kent Meyers