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"Tulsa Ignored? No More! - Show 2" was first aired on Sunday January 6th 2002. Our Guests were Robert C. Poe and Senator Cal Hobson, President Pro-Tem Elect Oklahoma Senate.

Our topics included:
  1. Bob, we have discussed "The Center For Legislative Excellence." Do you feel the Senators and Governor have ignored North East Oklahoma?
  2. Let us assume a Senate Seat from Altus comes open, will you talk to these candidates?
  3. Do you think a regional committee should reach outside their boundaries?
  4. Roads/transport information structure, what is meant by this and what are your concerns?
  5. Quote: "Tulsa is the largest city in the nation with no freestanding, four-year public College or University." What do you mean by this Bob?
  6. Is their a "turf" issue and why are there statutes that prohibit public colleges in Tulsa to offer educations in: Accounting, Nursing, etc?
  7. Are Oklahoma University (OU) and Oklahoma State University (OSU) not working together on academic issues for Tulsa?
  8. Is your Center advocating that a new four year public College should be established or are you saying OU and OSU should expand a four year program to Tulsa?
  9. Does Tulsa already have adequate college facilities?

Are PACs a way of the future? Poe and Hobson debate the pros and cons.