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"The New Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame" was first aired on Sunday December 6th 2009. Our Guest was Lynne Draper, President and CEO, Jim Thorpe Association.

Our topics included:
  1. Opening of the new location for the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame.
  2. Where is it located and is it open to the public yet.
  3. How the Sports Hall of Fame got started.
  4. Some of the memorabilia in the Hall of Fame that visitors can view.
  5. Super Chief - Allie Reynolds - what he has of Allie's.
  6. Of all the athletes whose memorabilia are in the Sports Hall of Fame, one he knew personally the best.
  7. Difficulty in getting athletes to give up their personal memorabilia (like Steve Owens' Heisman Trophy).
  8. What he sees as the future of the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame.
  9. What he hopes for in visitation and how they are funded.
  10. Major Oklahoma athletes who have allowed materials of theirs to be displayed.

Lynne Draper, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers