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"The Innocence Project at Oklahoma City University School of Law" was first aired on Sunday November 22nd 2009. Our Guest was Lawrence K. Hellman, Dean, Oklahoma City University School of Law.

Our topics included:
  1. Recent visit of John Grisham to the law school.
  2. Innocence Project.
  3. Expected student participation.
  4. Will the participation be limited to Oklahoma City University law students or may other law students/lawyers become involved.
  5. Mission of the Innocence Project - what the participants will do.
  6. Significant movement toward abolitition of the death penalty considering some of the actions in other states.
  7. Estimates on how many prisoners have been wrongfully convicted and are serving time by virtue of wrongful convictions.
  8. Principal causes of wrongful convictions and how can they be remedied.
  9. Involvement of the Oklahoma County District Attorney' office and the United States Attorney's office in his work within the Innocence Project.

Dean Hellman, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers