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"Where's the Pork?" was first aired on Sunday November 1st 2009. Our Guest was Roy Lee Lindsey, Executive Director, Oklahoma Pork Council.

Our topics included:
  1. Update on involvement in the State Fair in Oklahoma City and Tulsa
  2. The Pork Chop Shop
  3. The Oklahoma Pork Council - its mission and why it exists
  4. Who makes up the Oklahoma Pork Council and location of offices
  5. Recent Time Magazine article that was very critical of the methods used by those in the pork industry insofar as handling the animals and his thoughts
  6. What a "balanced" article would have brought out that wasn't brought out in this article
  7. Growth of the pork industry in Oklahoma over the recent years
  8. Environmental requirements producers have to meet in order to continue in business and meet the state and federal requirements - monetary investment this involves
  9. Impact on the individual community his producers make insofar as job creation and job growth
  10. Why the H1N1 is sometimes called the Swine Flu, message that sends to the consumer

Roy Lee Lindsey, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers