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"Tulsa Ignored? No More! - Show 1" was first aired on Sunday December 30th 2001. Our Guests were Robert C. Poe and Senator Cal Hobson, President Pro-Tem Elect Oklahoma Senate.

Our topics included:
  1. What is "The Center For Legislative Excellence?"
  2. Is this Political Action Committee or PAC principally Tulsa Oriented?
  3. Was (PAC) formed because Tulsa feels they have been under-treated by the Legislature?
  4. Do you feel like the Legislature has under funded Tulsa?
  5. Has the Oklahoma Municipal League been doing a good job?
  6. Explain contributions and commitments by PACs.
  7. How are you able to get so many Contributors who give $5,000 to PAC?
  8. From a public policy standpoint, is it fair to say PAC is too Tulsa Oriented?

Cal Hobson, Kent Meyers, Larry Blankenship, Mick Cornett, Robert Poe