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"Gov. Keating's New Tax Plan: Will It Cost You More? - Show 2" was first aired on Sunday December 23rd 2001. Our Guests were Mike Hunter, Esq., and Secretary of State and Jim Walker, Esq.

Our topics included:
  1. What's involved in the "General Activities" category?
  2. If a Plumber repairs your dishwasher and charges you $100 for parts and $100 for labor, the new tax would add: 4 1/2% charge on parts and 5 1/2% on labor totalling $10. Was there any thought about who this would affect; rich or poor?
  3. Could a City come in and also enact a City Sales Tax on the labor part of the previous service (Plumber)?
  4. The Oklahoma Tax Commission has $70,000 with Tax permits now. Could this pose a problem?
  5. Is there going to be a shift in the State Government if this passes?
  6. Will services such as water, sewer and garbage pickup be affected by this new tax?
  7. Finance Insurance & General Insurance, what would be involved?
  8. Will this be a lengthy piece of Legislature once this is put on paper?
  9. If this new tax plan passes, when will it take affect?
  10. Services not taxed: Health, Oil & Gas, etc. Why does the Governor feel these items should not be taxed?
  11. Child Care will be taxed. Was there any thought to exempt this?
  12. Oil & Gas taxation, Jim, does this please or displease you?
  13. Education is excluded. What do we mean by that?
  14. Your thoughts on the Agriculture proposal?
  15. Advertising, in or out?

Mike Hunter, Larry Blankenship, Jim Walker