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"The Plight of Newspapers Today" was first aired on Sunday June 21st 2009. Our Guests were Mary Mélon, Publisher, The Journal Record and Ted Streuli, Managing Editor, The Journal Record.

Our topics included:
  1. Update from the Journal Record
  2. Newspapers going under, potential reasons why
  3. Affect on The Journal Record
  4. Consolidation in the newspaper business, potential affect in Oklahoma
  5. The Newspaper Preservation Act allowed consolidation of printing facilities and administrative offices as long as editorial staffs were kept separate (like the Tulsa World and Tulsa Tribune did a number of years ago), popularity of this
  6. Is it enough to save the newspapers
  7. Pros and cons of people getting most of their news through the internet or on television rather than through the printed word
  8. Prediction for the newspaper business 10 years from now
  9. New and exciting things planned for The Journal Record in the near future

Mary Mélon, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers, Ted Streuli