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"Let's Hear What's Going on at the Oklahoma Bar Association" was first aired on Sunday June 7th 2009. Our Guests were Jon K. Parsley, President, Oklahoma Bar Association and William R. Grimm, Past President, Oklahoma Bar Association.

Our topics included:
  1. What's going on at the Oklahoma Bar Association
  2. What's happening at the Bar insofar as the evaluation of the legislative work at the Capitol
  3. What the Bar sees as its role in taking public positions on legislation
  4. Difference between legislation that affects the judicial process specifically and legislation that is of a more general character
  5. Responsibility of the Bar insofar as assisting the Supreme Court in regulating the profession
  6. Bar programs:
  7. Client Security Fund
  8. Lawyers Helping Lawyers
  9. Educating the public about the function of the lawyer and the administration of justice
  10. Working with young people such as in high schools and colleges
  11. How they think the Bar Association is functioning

Jon Parsley, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers, Bill Grimm