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"An Update from our Attorney General" was first aired on Sunday April 12th 2009. Our Guest was Drew Edmondson, Attorney General, State of Oklahoma.

Our topics included:
  1. What has been going on in the poultry litigation since he was here last.
  2. Is it going to go to trial, if so, when and where.
  3. How long he thinks the trial will take.
  4. Any problem with the science methods that the State is using to prove the damage from the poultry pollution.
  5. What else his office is dealing with that viewers would like to know about.
  6. His future - is he running for Governor.
  7. How he sees the race shaping up on the Republican side as well as the democratic side.
  8. What he hears about possible candidates for the Attorney General's position on both the Republican and Democratic side.
  9. What he believes will be the principal issues involved in his gubernatorial campaign.
  10. He will not be the first Governor with the last name Edmondson in Oklahoma if he is elected.
  11. Talk about J. Howard.

Drew Edmondson, Kent Meyers