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"Standing Up for Women's Rights" was first aired on Sunday March 22nd 2009. Our Guest was Dr. Jean Warner, Chair, Oklahoma Women's Coalition.

Our topics included:
  1. Oklahoma Women's Network, its goal and how she is involved with it
  2. Why she thought Oklahoma women needed a website like she has created
  3. Feedback she is getting
  4. Oklahoma Women's Coalition and it's purpose
  5. Why she believes Oklahoma is ranked the third worst state in America for women
  6. Factors that were looked at to come up with that rank
  7. Why this should be so - Oklahoman's are more inherently sexist? Or women are more criminally oriented Why this is the case
  8. What her organization can do to help Oklahoma improve its ranking
  9. With economic downturn we are experiencing, how we can expect to get additional resources to try to meet some of these problems her organization addresses
  10. Her Coalition members include a number of well-known groups here in Oklahoma, how hard it was to recruit this Coalition and what she expects the Coalition to be able to accomplish
  11. Will they be a lobbying organization
  12. How she envisions enticing women to run for public office in greater numbers than has been the case in the past

Jean Warner, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers