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"Moment of Truth" was first aired on Sunday December 7th 2008. Our Guest was R. Marc Nuttle, Attorney and Author.

Our topics included:
  1. Discuss his recently completed book "Moment of Truth" and why he choose to write this and particularly at this time.
  2. Why he says "America is a center right country in opposition to the national press."
  3. Importance of why 30% of the population which leans right votes for government programs in times of economic stress that they might not otherwise.
  4. Cultural uniqueness of small and family owned businesses, particularly in Oklahoma.
  5. Discuss the contrast between how Americans define freedom and how Europeans define freedom and why those differences are important.
  6. What he means by the long term trends of conservative versus liberal policies.
  7. Are we about to enter another 45 year cycle of more government control and what it means for Oklahoma.
  8. Europe's dilemma in relation to the euro.
  9. China, the Middle East and Russia and their role in solving the problem of global recession.
  10. What each of us can do about these problems.