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"Election 2008" was first aired on Sunday November 30th 2008. Our Guest was Congresswoman Mary Fallin, 5th Congressional District of Oklahoma.

Our topics included:
  1. How she assesses the shift in the House makeup between Democrats and Republicans as a result of this election.
  2. The condition of the Republican/Conservative brand.
  3. Many states seem to be shifting from red to blue, Oklahoma did not seem to be following that trend, why she thinks that is.
  4. Importance of bi-partisanship when both Houses of the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch are occupied by the same party.
  5. Chances for effective bi-partisanship in this next session.
  6. Major challenges she sees for Oklahoma in the near term.
  7. Who she would like to see in the Obama Cabinet from the Republican side of the isle and its likelihood.
  8. What she learned in the most recent campaign about the citizens of the 5th District.