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"Judicial Independence in the Obama Era" was first aired on Sunday November 23rd 2008. Our Guest was Michael A. Scaperlanda, Assoc. Dean for Scholarship & Research & Professor of Law, University of Oklahoma College of Law.

Our topics included:
  1. What is judicial independence and its importance.
  2. Impartial fact finding.
  3. Impartial interpreter of the law.
  4. Limits to Judicial Independence.
  5. When independence in the judiciary becomes an intruder into other areas.
  6. Examples if any in our history of this. Dred Scott; Lochner; Roe.
  7. Should there be any political response to judicial activism and, if so, what kind.
  8. What the framers of the Constitution's vision of the political response to judicial activism is.
  9. The Federalist and Antifederalists debates.
  10. Abraham Lincoln’s vision - a contrast to Stephen Douglass.
  11. American Bar Association's campaign for judicial independence and what it's about.
  12. Choices we have as a people.
  13. Ways to achieve the Constitution's framer’s balance in this day and age.