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"What's Going on at UCO" was first aired on Sunday November 9th 2008. Our Guest was W. Roger Webb, President, University of Central Oklahoma.

Our topics included:
  1. He and Mick announced the Academy of Contemporary Music Program recently, explain the program and why do it
  2. How the Academy's location in Bricktown will advance its mission
  3. Number of students intend to start with and the optimum size of the Academy
  4. Discuss the importance of leadership in the University setting.
  5. What UCO is doing in regard to "teaching" leadership
  6. Number of students involved in the leadership program or receiving leadership scholarships
  7. Discuss UCO's autism teacher education program. Importance and how it is being received by the students as well as parents of autistic children
  8. Legislation he sees coming before the Legislature this session that will impact his students
  9. Discuss carrying concealed weapons on college campuses
  10. Most significant challenge facing the University of Central Oklahoma in the upcoming decade

Roger Webb, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers